Do you ever get so frustrated at work that you just want to throw all your papers in the garbage? Well, soon you could be able to flush them down the toilet — literally. Japanese company Oriental invented a machine that recycles office paper into toilet paper right in your office. All you have to do is put paper and water in the machine and 30 minutes later, out comes a roll of TP.

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On the downside, the monstrous super-machine weighs 1,300 pounds, stands 6 feet tall, and costs a whopping $100,000. To pay for itself, the machine would need to produce 200,000 rolls of toilet paper, which would require it to run continuously for 11 years.


While the energy consumption of the current machine model would negate all environmental benefits reaped from the recycling, it’s innovative ideas like this that have the potential to create real change. As the inventors continue to work on the machine, it will undoubtedly become smaller, more efficient, and less expensive. In the future, we could all be sending our workload right down the drain.

Via Natural News