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A new map of global sea level rise projections highlights the cities that are expected to experience the highest of rising tides by 2100. The map, put together by Mahe Perrette of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany, lists Sydney, Tokyo and Buenos Aires among the most threatened cities.

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Sea level rise depends on various factors, including sinking and rising of land mass that could influence the behavior of oceans. As a result, melting of ice sheets would cause sea levels in the adjacent areas to fall. Perrette’s calculations predict a global average rise between 30 and 106 centimeters, while tropical seas are expected to rise 10 or even 20 percent more. Polar seas will see a below-average rise. The melting of Antarctica ice could bring an above average rise in the northern hemisphere. Areas that would will be most influenced by these changes are coasts around the Indian Ocean, Japan, south-east Australia and Argentina.

Perrette’s map shows New York may not be as threatened as previously thought. Due to weakening of the Atlantic Gulf Stream, the water is expected to slop toward west, causing a rise on the east. On the other hand, this situation will be counteracted by Greenland’s weaker gravitational pull.

Meanwhile, Perrette give a warning to tropical countries which face the danger of rising sea the most: “You may have 120 centimeters of sea level rise on your coastline,” he says. “build defenses.”

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