Leo Marmol’s prefab Desert House has turned heads before, and is one of the attractions of the upcoming Dwell On Design conference in Palm Springs. But most recently, Marmol Radziner has announced the presale of two new prefab homes in Joshua Tree, California, that offer two bedrooms, two baths, an optional casita, and pool, all on a 1.25 acre lot included in the total cost. What’s more, the sleek, modern abodes are chock-full of some of the most environmentally-friendly and high-tech green materials on the market. Designed for LEED certification, the two homes come standard with solar panels, bamboo flooring, recycled steel frame construction, Structural Insulated Panels (SIP’s), and FSC-certified wood.

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Marmol Radziner, based in Los Angeles, has long been known for their clean and modern aesthetic. Only in the past decade have they been developing their line of model and custom prefab homes, all built in-house at their 65,000 square foot factory in Vernon, California. While their prefab designs have spoken to issues of sustainability, the two Joshua Tree homes take green to the next level, designed specifically to meet LEED standards and with a more active implementation of green materials. We’re looking forward to hearing more about the project and other Marmol Radziner work this weekend at Dwell On Design Palm Springs, where Leo Marmol will speaking on Saturday.

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