Even with MakerBot’s mass appeal, 3D printers are still too expensive and complex for most people to have at home. Now a new start up called New Matter is introducing a truly affordable printer that costs as little as $149, and it’s surprisingly elegant too. The Mod-t is a completely self-contained printer that’s not only stylishly minimalistic, but will even allow users to print objects sent from their phones.

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Instead of going for an industrial machine that would look out of place in everyone’s home, New Matter has opted for a refreshingly minimalistic look with no exposed wires or belts. Instead, most of the machine is wrapped with a clear plastic cover such that from afar it looks like a plain white or black base with a print head that simply floats atop two metal rods.

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On top of making the machine look simpler, the printer is different in that the build plate moves rather than the plastic extruding head. It’s a small design change, but New Matter claims it lowers both the number of components and overall cost of the 3D printer.

With the help of Frog Design, which previously worked with such luminary tech companies such as Microsoft, Apple and GE, New Matter has also created an online store and an application that allows consumers to download and share their 3D creations. What’s more, the MOD-t is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing it to print 3D designs straight from the New Matter site or app.

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From a hardware-perspective, the MOD-t sits right in the middle of the pack creating objects up to 150 by 100 by 125-milimeters in size. The print head, meanwhile, can extrude plastic at a rate of 80mm per second. It can also produce objects with a minimum layer height of 200 microns, which is the same as MakerBot’s new Replicator Mini. Although all the $149 MOD-t units are sold out, you can still pick up the 3D printer for $199.

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