Looking for a stylish & healthy green apartment building in New York City? Can’t find a real estate agent that knows what you are talking about? Our friend Josh Dorfman (from Vivavi and the Lazy Environmentalist) just launched a promising new online directory on green builders, green designers and green real estate. Check it out at ModernGreenLiving.com >

The Modern Green Living Home Directory will make it easy for individuals to design, build, remodel, furnish or find a green home, by offering individuals free and quick access to eco-friendly apartment complexes, condominium developments, and residential housing communities in the United States, Canada and around the globe. The Modern Green Living Home Directory will also feature local green interior designers, builders, architects, realtors and other professionals who can create energy efficient and non-toxic homes, design stylish eco-friendly interiors, install residential solar and wind energy systems and provide a wide range of additional expertise. Many more green home professionals are expected to join over the coming months as the directory gains prominence.