For its customers, exists as an online space, but it takes a lot of real people working in real spaces to make a website happen. Take a look at the offices in Arteixo, Spain. Designed by Batlleiroig, this building has LEED platinum sustainability certification.

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Exterior of the glass building near trees

The workspaces are flexible, with natural light and tall ceilings. Offices also encompass five floors. Structural pillars support the interior, creating open indoor spaces that are integrated into the outer skin. Moreover, the outer skin has several high-efficiency glass modules, and the facade is made with charred timber, a visible reminder of nature.

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Inside to exterior view of a courtyard

Meanwhile, wide staircases maintain the architects’ open design intentions. The floors and the workspaces all flow together so that the entire building is one big space. Everything is open and accessible, creating plenty of room for light.

Trees and solar panels

The outdoor areas have space for plants and are close to a forest. In fact, one huge area has 350 trees nearby. This will offset the building’s CO2 footprint, improve the air quality and add a gorgeous new green space right by this office space.

Concrete floors in the office space

The parking area holds 638 vehicles and is shaded by a large pergola covered with photovoltaic panels. This space allows for clean energy creation while helping alleviate traffic.

A meeting room with floor to ceiling windows showing Spain

Plus, bright, natural light fills the interior open space. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, the open floor plan, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows, keep views unobstructed. It also allows for easy communication and fosters a team environment.

This building for is very much rooted in the real world. And for digital spaces to exist, the real world must be preserved and respected with green designs. The team at Batlleiroig understands such a balance between nature and humans.

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Images via Luis Díaz Díaz