A big hurdle facing potential electric vehicle owners is installing the equipment to charge their new car at home. Installing a home charging station can be a complicated process, often involving retrofitting the appropriate electrical service and wiring. However, adding the required wiring to a new house is relatively inexpensive – only about $200 extra. That’s why the city of Palo Alto, in the heart of Silicon Valley, has adopted a proposal requiring all new homes to come prewired for the installation of 240-Volt Level 2 charging stations.

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Image © Mark Turnauckas

Given that the average home in Palo Alto sells for over $1 million, the extra cost is likely to go practically unnoticed by homeowners. This is just one of many steps the council is taking to encourage electric vehicle use in the city — they’re also streamlining the permitting process for installing a charger in an existing home.

As the home of Tesla Motors, the shift makes good business sense for the city, and Palo Alto isn’t alone in its desire to promote electric cars on its streets. Last year, Vancouver passed a similar ordinance requiring some residences to include electric car charging stations as well.

Via A|N Blog

Lead image © Håkan Dahlström