A new dairy-free milk is blowing people away with its minimal eco-footprint, and a calcium content that puts cow’s milk to shame. Ripple Foods is rolling out a plant-based milk made from peas with the mission to educate the public on the health and environmental impacts of the stuff you usually pour over your cereal.

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The Silicon Valley start-up has created a recipe for milk made from peas that has the same mouthfeel and taste as cow’s milk, but with improved nutritional value. Ripple Foods claims their product provides 50 percent more calcium (and half the sugar) than its dairy-based counterpart and eight times the protein of almond milk. Peas are easily and plentifully grown and also contain vitamins and minerals that dairy can lack, such as vitamins K, C, and B1, manganese, dietary fiber, copper, phosphorus, and folate.

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Ripple takes on both the dairy and almond industries, slamming their heavy use of water in production and offering a healthier, more eco-friendly milk alternative. Compared to dairy’s 60 gallons of water per glass and almond milk’s 20 gallons, Ripple’s pea milk only uses 1/2 gallon per glass. Its Original, Unsweetened, Vanilla, and Chocolate flavors even come in 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic containers. Right now Ripple plant-based milk is only available in select Whole Foods stores, yet with $13.6 million invested so far we can be sure its reach will continue to grow.

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