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Metropol Parasol is situated within the Seville’s historic medieval sector. In fact, it looms over archeological ruins, which have been incorporated into a museum. The honeycomb umbrella roof is now accessible to visitors with a winding terrace and path, offering incredible views of the beautiful city. The open-air structure was based upon the design of parasols, and it also references cathedral design.

The underside holds restaurants, shops, a community center and a visitor center. Seville has always been known as an innovator in Europe, and Jurgen Mayer H. Architects wanted to celebrate that with Metropol Parasol.

Photographers Alda and Franck have captured the modern and sleek flow of Metropol Parasol, highlighted against the surrounding historic architecture.

+ Jurgen Mayer H. Architects

+ David Franck

+ Fernando Alda

Lead photo © Fernando Alda

Via Architizer