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The first version of the proposal, called The Thames Baths Project, envisioned a pool floating on the surface of the river, rising and falling with the tide, along with other recreational spaces and landscape design meant to improve the site’s flora and fauna. The pool was supposed to be supported by a concrete slab and anchored to the coast. Resting spaces for swimmers, shaped as air pockets, were to surround them.

The new plans shift the emphasis to a more practical solution which can be brought into existence in a short time span. In order to remove the pool’s reliance of the cleanliness of the river water, the architects, working together with engineer Beckett Rankine, designed a pontoon of three pools that use freshwater.

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The pontoon is to be built on a new location just beside Temple underground station, which has been deemed more adequate for this type of structure. The new design activates the north bank which would, thanks to the adjacency of the Heatherwick’s Garden Bridge, become a new destination alternative to Coven Garden.

According to the architects, the three pools can be used in the winter as venues for other activities. The proposal is exhibited for public viewing at the Roca London Gallery, as part of the London Festival of Architecture.

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