Sorting through mountains of bottles and cans to recycle them may be a thing of the past thanks to a new recycling center set to be unveiled in Texas this month. Set up by Coca-Cola, the Reimagine recycling center swallows up bottles and cans in bulk — and rewards you through the My Coke Rewards Program.

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The concept, developed by Coca-Cola and the Environmental Products Corporation, sorts and crushes objects with help from an optical scanner and conveyor belt. Aluminum containers are blown onto a horizontal conveyor, where they are taken to a can crusher. The device can store up to 65,000 crushed cans. PET plastic bottles travel up a vertical conveyor, where they are crushed and stored (up to 18,000 can be stored at a time).

The majority of crushed cans are remade into new cans, while the plastic bottles are turned into clothing, backpacks, carpet, and more. Want to check out Reimagine for yourself? The first beverage container recycling center is launching in Arlington, Texas this month. If all goes well, the system will expand to other areas in late 2011.

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