This new McDonald’s ad that appeared on the side of the road in California has more staying power than any regular billboard because it’s actually illegal to remove.  The sign is actually the result of a seed bombing where the shape of the famous golden arches is made up of yellow California Poppies. Designed by Sean Click, the McDonald’s logo looks like it’ll be there a long time since the poppies are illegal to dig up in the state of California! The environmental graffiti is somewhat ironic, as it represents a food company not synonymous with a healthy lifestyle but be that as it may, the idea  of using the protected state flower is a bold, and very smart move. McDonald’s aside, the planted ad is innovative, fun and cost effective.

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Unlike billboard ads, the poppy M is very low cost to install, without the need for printing, construction or transport.  In addition, the environmental graffiti is actually good for the little patch of land it grows on, bringing a breath of fresh flora to an otherwise dismal grassy spot on the side of a highway. And it’s pretty eye catching to boot!

The only way to legally get rid of the poppy McDonald’s ad is by planting more flowers around it,  which would be another win for the environment! We think other big companies could take a cue from Sean Click’s green thumb, and use eco-advertising.

+ Sean Click

Via The NextWeb