The Eco Whisper wind turbine stands 70 feet tall and has a diameter of 21 feet, it can withstand winds of up to 118 miles per hour and has the capability of generating 18,000 to 32, 000 kilowatt hours in a year in average wind speed that top 9 kilometers per hour. The turbine spits out enough electricity in most situations to power three homes or a medium sized factory. The innovative design allows the turbine to be bent at a 90 degree angle for easy maintenance, no more need for a rope and pulleys to figure out why the blades just won’t spin.

The Eco Whisper’s silent, compact design and easy maintenance make it the perfect large turbine for urban areas. Previously, urban settings have used small turbines on the top of buildings to create energy because large turbines would add to the already high noise pollution levels, but with the Eco Whisper, noise pollution is not a problem. In addition, it would quell the fears of environmentalists losing sleep over bird deaths and local residents worried about being driven crazy by the constant hum of three blade turbines. All of those problems solved with a higher energy production capacity sounds like the perfect green power situation for rural homes and urban apartment buildings alike.

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