The world is rapidly reaching global water crisis mode with nearly one billion people lacking access to clean potable water. But a new solar-powered invention by award-winning British companyDesolenator can turn seawater into drinking water – and may turn this dire situation around in a hurry.

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Desolenator’s machine uses patented technology that can transform salt water and other un-potable water sources into pure, distilled water fit for human consumption. Capable of producing 15 liters of water per day, using no power supply other than the sun and with no moving parts or filters – this invention is hard to break and easy to maintain. To make things even better, after the initial purchase the machine needs no extra input of money or consumables – and can provide clean water for a household for a period of up to 20 years.

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“Climate change and population growth are setting the stage for a global water crisis,” says Desolenator CEO, William Janssen in a press release. “A massive 97 percent of the world’s water is salt water and our plan to tap into this valuable and available resource to disrupt the global water crisis in an unprecedented way. The process is called desalination and today whilst 0.7 percent of the world’s water comes from desalination, existing technology is expensive, inefficient and disproportionally drains 0.5% of the world’s global energy supply. Desolenator is different from existing desalination and home water technologies. It harnesses solar power in an elegant way, maximizing the amount of solar radiation that hits the technologies surface area through a combination of thermal, electrical and heat exchange . . .”

While Desolenator is still in development, with a fully working prototype available and an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in process to back it up, the invention has already taken second place in the recent Climate-KIC Accelerator program that also won the company a development grant. Desolenator is a quarter of the way towards its $150,000 Indiegogo funding goal, and is hoping you’ll donate to help bring clean water to the world.

Images via Joost Nelissen and Joy Holland, Flickr Creative Commons