“We call it from sewer to brewer,” say the creators of a solar-powered machine that turns urine into beer. Belgian scientists hope to expand the technology to remote areas needing off-the-grid methods for creating drinkable water, but not before asking festival goers to #peeforscience and a truly unique brew.

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Ghent University researchers developed the energy-efficient system with developing countries in mind, where solar power is optimal. By collecting urine in a heated tank and passing it through a membrane, clean drinking water is collected, as well as nutrients to be used as fertilizer. This way, both resources can be made readily available to people in need by using what is (no longer) considered a waste product.

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The team behind the innovation featured it at a 10-day music and theater event, where the pee of thousands of festival goers was turned into 1,000 liters of drinkable water. In true Belgian fashion, the water collected from the event will be brewed into beer. The implications for both crowded, urban sporting and music events and rural areas needing access to clean water are vast. We just have to ask ourselves one question: would you drink it?

Via Daily Mail

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