One of the most exciting new products we found at West Coast Green this past weekend is the latest innovation by Lemnis Lighting, the Pharox 60 LED Dimmable Lightbulb, that uses just 6 Watts and has the equivalent luminescence of the traditional 60 Watt incandescent bulb. The Pharox 60 fits a standard sized household light fixture, is made of recyclable material, and is the most energy efficient bulb of comparable light quality on the market today with a light output of 300 lumens and a warm white light of 3000K. A patented heat sink keeps the bulb temperature low (we think it’s the aluminum housing surround) and it is the most environmentally safe option on the market as well, containing NO lead, mercury, or wolfram, unlike it’s compact fluorescent competitors.

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Compared to the incandescent bulb, which lasts an average 1,000 hours, the Pharox 60 is expected to last a 35,000 hour lifespan. According to Lemnis, if every American household switched just one 60W light bulb to a Pharox light, $1.4 Billion in electricity costs and 9 billion kilowatt hours would be saved annually. This would equate to a carbon emissions reduction of 5.2 billion kg annually. Though it may not be practical or economical to switch out all of a home’s light bulbs to the relatively expensive Pharox bulb, switching out a few (especially those in light-sensitive areas) is a more accessible energy savings strategy than investing in solar power, and it makes more sense to cut down on the energy load before finding alternative energy sources.

Lemnis claims the Pharox 60 will last 6 times longer than a CFL and 35 times longer than an incandescent bulb, with an estimated 25-year lifespan. In a line up with three other competitors currently on the market, the Zetalux EarthLED (retail $38.95); the Crane GeoBULB (retail $99.95); and the Philips EnduraLED (retail $40.00), the Pharox 60 beats them out in cost, weight, power factor, wattage, and most notably, its ability to be dimmed.

At West Coast Green, we were presented with the Pharox 60 by none other than Lemnis’ founder Warner Philips, the great grandson of Anton Philips, who founded Philips Electronics and brought the incandescent bulb to homes world wide in the last century. So it’s no surprise that the latest generation of Philips family should bring us the warm hue we are used to with the substantial energy savings that households need. The kicker, you might say, is the price tag, at $39.95 a bulb… but compared to the hefty price of lesser quality lighting debuting this time last year, we can only expect the price to go down as these bulbs reach mass market. Pharox 60 bulbs are currently available at and will be coming soon to Amazon.

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