Summer is coming folks, and what better way to spend a hot day than to lavish in the shade sipping your beverage of choice plugged into this sweet solar canopy? Soon the folks atSMIT will offer a solar shade that produces power and can be custom designed for a multitude of applications. The robust thin film solar technology can produce power under many different light conditions and when the shade becomes a bit too tattered it can be completely recycled. Tensile Solar can span just about anything in three different configurations and produce plenty of power for your daiquiri machine.

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The breathable fabric uses strips of CIGS amorphous thin film solar technology which eliminates toxic materials and is relatively efficient in full sun while tolerating shade well. The versatile technology is perfect for site specific applications where conditions are often changing. Modular in construction, Tensile Solar can tolerate abuse and still work just fine.

SMIT has developed four designs—the saddle, the pole mount, the tent, and larger architectural designs. The concept is particularly appealing for events that usually would use generators. Pop up a tent, plug it in to a battery system and you’re good to go. They visualize parking lotsstrewn with the canopies, cooling cars down and feeding the grid – and maybe even electric cars.

The canopies are not available just yet but we can’t wait to see them in action, with a drink in hand, of course.

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