Ever wish you could ditch your electric bill? Tesla is working on a house battery that could help you slash your expensive utility bill, by taking advantage of the electric company’s lowest rates. With a stationary battery in your home designed to charge up overnight, when the utility company’s rates are low, homeowners could save thousands by essentially cheating the system.

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Like many of Tesla’s projects, this one is coming up fast. Mastermind electric power guy Elon Musk announced in an investor call that the designs for the home battery are complete. The public could get a glimpse of the design within the next month or two, with production beginning in as little as six months.

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Tesla’s new stationary battery could be the gateway that finally helps everyday consumers in a way that makes sense. In addition to the immediate energy cost savings, we hope the battery can be used to store clean energy from solar or wind. Although Musk hasn’t commented on the cost of Tesla’s newest energy offering, chances are good that it will still represent a huge savings over the course of its lifetime.

An innovation in energy like this isn’t just for the chic eco-friendly homeowner. The battery, which Musk promises will come packaged in an attractive-looking casing to fit in with any home’s decor, will also work for commercial properties.

Curious budget-minded energy buyers can listen to the investor call here.

Via Washington Post

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