Tesla has been bringing innovation and green style to auto industry, ever since the groundbreaking launch of the Tesla Roadster – and more recently with the announcement of the Model S sedan. But is Tesla content to rest on its laurels for now? Not likely. Elon Musk, the company’s CEO, sat down recently for an interview in which he revealed that the next version of the Tesla Roadster will ditch its Lotus roots and will be bigger, better, stronger, and, most importantly, roomier! 

The Tesla Roadster is probably one of the coolest vehicles on the planet right now, but it is not very ergonomically friendly. It only has room for 2, isn’t extremely comfortable, and doesn’t have much space. The next Tesla vehicle, it turns out, will be similar to that of a “roomier Porsche” a vehicle capable of seating more than two people, have roomier seats and more trunk space. All this, of course, will be based on the technology developed for the Model S Sedan which is expected to underping most of Tesla’s future releases.

When will it be released? We’re betting not anytime soon. But let’s face it — with all the terrible news coming out of the industry every day, Tesla is definitely one shining example of what innovation can do in this field.

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