The IPCC Report from earlier this year was packed with scary climate change statistics, but until now, it’s been a little difficult to fully visualize what they mean. Scientists rarely speak in absolutes, which can leave you wondering exactly how serious a threat is when it is labeled as likely or highly likely. So the folks at the UN Foundation for the launch of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change funded a visualization to help bring those statistics to life. Created by Felix Pharand Deschenes, the resulting video explains in clear terms just how screwed we really are if we delay meaningful changes to slow down climate change.

The video is based on information taken from the IPCC report released earlier this year and covers everything from sea level rise, to rising global temperatures and sea ice melt. It also explains nebulous concepts like it is highly likely that humans are responsible for climate change and that it is as likely as not that we will reach a four degree Celsius rise in temperature by the end of the century.

The narration focuses on the term Anthropocene, which is the name for the era that scientists say we have entered. While moving into a new era may sound like a good thing, it means that there has been a massive change in the environment, preserved in fossils, and usually either heralds the emergence of a new species or, as with the dinosaurs, their extinction.

Via Sploid