eco-design, green design, sustainable design, Xi'an Horticultural Expo 2011, Chan-ba ecological district, energy efficiency, greenhouse, China, reclaimed land , recovered ecosystem, landscape

The Guangyun entrance was conceived as a landbridge with a trellis structure that will gradually become overgrown with greenery. After the bridge, the Chang-Ba flower valley meanders like a network of streams that integrates the buildings, landscape and water. The themed pavilion is built to mimic a Chinese character and extends as three fingers cantilevering on top of the lake with landscape running in between. And the greenhouse shows off a mesmerizing variety of both indigenous and foreign plants.

Although the entire expo center sits on land that was restored with two decades of hard ecological recovery work – no doubt very impressive – we would like to see some material reuse for this kind of development. As it is, new bronze, wood, and steel have been used – as far as we can tell – casting a little doubt on the overall sustainability of the greater Chan-ba ecological district.

The 37 ha central ‘Flowing Gardens’ of Xi’an Expo won in a 2009 international competition by Plasma Studio and GroundLab with LAUR Studio (Beijing).

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