JENNIFER SIEGAL, Office of Mobile Design

My resolution for ‘007 is to look much farther ahead – I am taking a great leap forward and looking 100 years into the future. My firm Office of Mobile Design, along with Roland Ritter, Paulette Singley, Nick Pisca, Emily White and students from USC and Woodbury recently competed in The History Channel’s competition to envision our city of the future. This is our team’s statement and what I see for the future.

A REPORT FROM LOS ANGELES: 22nd Century Infranatural Bio-Intelligence

Los Angeles in the year 2106 is a garden of earthly delights where culture, cultivation, and technology merge as infranatural sites — a hybridization of infrastructure and nature. Through vertical farming and bio-engineered architecture Los Angeles harvests itself by growing and collecting its own energy sources via reclaimed water, sun, wind, and photosynthesis. Water, the new oil, grows the city and quenches its thirst. Los Angeles enjoys its undisputed position as the gateway for world trade, immigration, high-technology, and styled life experiences. The city celebrates its “cowboy” image —of deterritorialized space, self-invention, nomadism, and insurgency. It also embraces its Sybarite mythology of spiritual and physiognomic rejuvenation by laminating it’s narcissism, multi-seasonal growth patterns, and technophoria into botanical spas. The cultivated orchards and fields of L.A.’s Arcadian past, plowed under by unbridled development, have emerged through the concrete fissures to reclaim their rightful place in the city.

+ Office of Mobile Design

Jennifer Siegal’s Office of Mobile Design has conceptualized and built some of the greenest and most innovative prefab architecture to date- from single family homes and schools to the recent completion of her ShowHouse (shown here).