STEVE GLENN, Living Homes
I think 2007 will see an acceleration in development for two sectors of the real estate sector in which LivingHomes is involved. First, far more residential and commercial projects will integrate sustainable design, materials and energy systems. Four factors will fuel this trend: consumer increase and concern; energy prices and economic benefit; benefits or penalties from local municipalities for sustainable construction; and given all this, increased industry recognition of the benefits. Second, dozens of modern, prefab homes will be completed, moving the nascent industry from prototype to commercialization.

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Steve Glenn is an entrepreneur committed to social change both through for- and non-profit organizations. He is currently the founder of LivingHomes, a developer and builder of modern, prefabricated homes, designed by world-class architects, that feature healthy/green materials and energy systems and an affordable to moderate price point. The company’s first home in Santa Monica, California, designed by Ray Kappe, was recently awarded the first ever LEED platinum rating for homes.