SUSAN SZENASY, Metropolis Magazine
The last time I made a New Year’s resolution I lied to myself big time; someone wrote it down and the lie keeps haunting me. But I think I can be truthful when it comes to Green Design New Year’s Resolutions. Here are three:

When I get discouraged about the superficiality of design and designers, I resolve to conjure up the spirits of my design heroes like Paul Rudolph and his sustainable work in Sarasota, Florida. When I recall how he and his fellow architects built to climate and place, before we let technology override our connection to nature, I regain my faith in the power of design and I know that we are capable of adding our new innovations—like computer modeling–to the knowledge we learned from these pioneers of modern design.

When I get overwhelmed by the soul-less, polluted world that international capital is creating, I resolve to remember the creative human spirit (which can reside in designers as well as others), and to work very hard to communicate green ideas to as many people as I can possibly reach; all the while hoping that some of that international capital will get to indigenous peoples solving their own, unique problems—as beautifully as I know they can.

When I get down about how slow we are moving toward a sustainable culture, I resolve to remember that only a few years ago most architects didn’t even think of green design; now most seem to be at least aware the fact that they can do something about making our world healthy for human beings and other creatures.

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Susan Szenasy has served as Editor-In-Chief of Metropolis Magazine since 1986. Her leadership and vision within the design and architectural world has established the magazine as a forward-thinking and groundbreaking design publication. She has received international accolades and awards, as well as authoring numerous books on design including The Home and Light.