It seems that Mercedes Benz Fashion Week brought more than just style to New York City’s Lincoln Center, it also brought a whole lot of diesel smoke as well. A perturbed neighbor shot some video footage — shown above — of the smoke emitted from diesel generators that were used to power the tents that hold the fashion shows. Neighbors complained about the generators’ smoky — and noisy — presence, and are convinced that the event is violating city pollution regulations.

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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week sets up in Lincoln Center for a week of glamourous runway walking and celebrity spotting. The event is held in a tent, instead of inside the Lincoln Center buildings, and all power for the tents comes from giant diesel generators that are schlepped in just for the glitz and glamour. Chih Ping, 39, a resident of the area was troubled by the amount of smoke churning out when the generators were turned on and decided to snap the video of the pollution.

City inspectors, however, seem to not be too worried about these gas-filled polluters. “Our inspectors are aware of that and do not generally issue initial violations for this as long as this condition does not persist,” he said. “Subsequent inspections confirmed that the generators did not continue to emit smoke as seen in this video. In fact, it subsided very shortly after this video was taken.” Ping confirmed to the New York Times that the smoke stopped shortly after the generators were turned on but was concerned that the generators were still polluting while running, however less visibly. The fashion industry is notoriously un-sustainable — what with its season to season, constantly changing, non-stop consumption — but do they really have to add this kind of visible disregard for New York City’s air quality to their long list of environmental sins?

Via The New York Times