New York Fashion Week is finally drawing to a close, and we’re psyched to report that the presence of environmentally savvy fashion was fiercer than ever before! The launch of The GreenShows last week – an event showcasing seven different eco fashion designers under one roof is proof that eco design is finally starting to make an impact on mainstream culture. If you missed the green runway shows, don’t fret – we’ve got the scoop on all of them, and pics of our favorite eco fashion designers right after the jump.

mr. larkin gorgeous ombre dress

BEST IN SHOW: Mr. Larkin

Talk about love at first site! Although Mr. Larkin may sound masculine, this collection’s carefully draped silhouettes and to-die-for dusky pink and silver color palletes were anything but. And we loved the modern femininity, playfulness and innovative wearableness of the collection – Casey Larkin is a rising talent and one to watch!

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bahar shapar ss 2010


You know how much we love our Bahar Shahpar, and just like an eco-fashion Madonna, she completely re-invented herself for her Spring/Summer 2010 collection. We were wowed by her vibrant colors, the total departure from the crunchy green fashion stereotypes of yore, and some very, ahem, interesting special guests.

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susan woo


We weren’t too familiar with Susan Woo before this recent Fashion Week, but her newest collection definitely got our yaydar going. Inspired by Faye Dunaway a la Bonnie and Clyde, the line keeps it clean with lots of bright organic cotton whites and then injects pops of splashy purples and reds into the mix for some instant wow.

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shalom harlow


It really doesn’t matter what kind of snazzy eco-fabrics a garment is made out of if you’re gonna wear it for one season and then chuck it. That’s why we appreciate eco-designer so much for always giving us the timeless pieces – the little black dress, the quintessential white collared shirt and the classic trench – that we know we’ll wear for years to come.

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We all know that fashion is about artistry and creativity, but as we’re trying to point out with our new green fashion site Ecouterre, it’s also about wearablility. That’s why our top praise for the line that we would most likely see non-models like ourselves, and other regular people on the street actually wearing goes to Bodkin. Using soft organic cotton and recycled polyester, designer Eviana Hartman really outdid herself with these easy-fitting frocks and mix and match separates that you could throw on and look like a million bucks even if you’re not 5’11 and 100 lbs.

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