Photo by: Benjamin Norman for The New York Times

Hey New Yorkers – have you ever had to make an extra stop after the grocery store to pick up wine?  If you’re one of the many people living in NY who wish they could simply buy wine at their local market, you might be happy to know that the NYWIA (many thanks for sponsoring our birthday celebration!) is working towards a solution to this convenience issue. Besides saving you a trip to an extra location just to get wine, grocery stores have a large distribution network, meaning they can stock wine more efficiently (and with less CO2) than many smaller networks trucking goods separately.

The NYWIA is a member of the Vine Balance Program which focuses on vineyards sustaining their environment (water and soil) and the safety of their workers, neighbors and consumers. Miles Wine Cellars and Fox Run Winery are two members of NYWIA, and as a result of joining, each has been pushed off the shelves of liquor shops who do not want to lose profits to grocery stores. Miles Wine Cellars sustainably grows all of their grapes on premises and shares the wine production process with winemaker Peter Bell at the Fox Run Winery cutting the costs and reducing the carbon footprints of both wineries.

Miles Wine Cellars makes a variety of wines, including some unique house blends like “Call me a Cab” and their mysterious Ghost blend. Fox Run Winery is on the cutting edge of farming in an eco-friendly way using state of the art technology that sprays the vineyard as little as possible as well as collecting its own excess water. Combined with organic products, these measures ensure minimal erosion to the land.

If you want to listen to live music and taste some delicious wines while getting to know more about NYWIA and these local wineries head up to Winestock NY 2010 this Saturday from noon to 6pm.