This week, we’ve been seeing lots of climage change news around the interweb and none too soon, as the UN Climate Change Conference is coming up in December. It will be crucial for our world leaders to come to an international agreement to protect millions of people from the effects of climate change. And as Treehugger reminds us, YOU can make a difference by signing the online petition for that urges governments to reach an agreement.

The Guardian reports that the future is beginning to look bleak for an international agreement on climate change when the US stalled on a climate change bill this week.

Green Options shares a new study that finds that global warming is much worse than previously thought. Yikes!

Worldchanging tells us that evena 1 degree increase temperature will mean a significant increase in risk of wildfires.

Treehugger alerts us that the latest report says that developing nations around the world will need $500 billion dollars in order to combat climate change.

Reuters reports that U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon asked for swift action on a climate change treaty, based on studies that indicate that the sea level may rise 2 meters (6.5 feet) by 2100.