Inspired to extend the ephemeral life of newspapers, David Stovell’s Sunday Paper products consist of tightly rolled newspapers strapped together into stools. We love how the pieces make smart use of dated headlines, creating complete pictures from carefully arranged rolls of paper. They were featured at the London Design Festival’s Greengaged hub this month, where [re]design took the opportunity to showcase an excellent sustainable seating feature.

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Inspired by bundles of newspapers left outside of shops on a Saturday night, Stovewell’s simple yet beautifully effective Sunday papers explore the “compressed life cycle” of the material: “[they] have a cultural and economic value, and that the same product has a different set of values by Monday morning, in that the news is old news and their value is for pulp. I wondered that if by simply repackaging, the material life cycle could be extended.” Start collecting your papers now!

[re]design’s seating showcase also featured works by cutting-edge sustainability-minded designers including Cohda, David Colwell, Pli Design and WEmake.

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