Designer Mieke Meijer gives old newspapers a new life as furniture, decorative items, and even jewelry! Her NewspaperWood material is made from stacks and stacks of discarded newspapers, and it can be cut, milled and sanded just like regular wood – it even has the look of wood grain from the newsprint. Recently the designer teamed up with Vij5 to create an innovative line of products using NewspaperWood – read on for a look!

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Meijer created NewspaperWood during a class at theDesign Academy at Eindhoven. The assignment was focused around the material of wood, which got her thinking about the cycle of wood and paper. Wood is used to create paper, but once paper is paper, it can only be recycled into other paper products. Meijer saw this as a challenge, and decided to upcycle paper back into wood through a long process that involves tightly gluing pages into a roll to make a “log.”

The resulting material was durable, and could be sanded, nailed, and cut with a bandsaw just like wood. After the assignment was complete, she shelved the idea until meeting the design firm Vij5. Spying NewspaperWood in Meijer’s portfolio, Vij5 was immediately excited, and the material was presented at Dutch Design Week.

The collaborators then decided to create a line of products with NewspaperWood, but instead of designing it themselves, they decided to invite a group of young designers to explore applications for the upcycled material.

The collection was presented at Milan design week and includes a NewspaperWood desk, dresser, cabinet, frames, a stool, a lamp and even a set of necklace pendants.

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