We felt very flattered this week to discover that Newsweek Magazine picked Inhabitat as one of their Design Dozen: “12 websites that define cool”. We want to congratulate our fellow design bloggers who made the list – all of whom work hard to put together such great websites, and particularly thank Newsweek for giving a shout-out to the blogs.

We are particularly flattered because we love Newsweek’s design coverage so much. Lest you think that Newsweek is just a softer version of Time or US News, think again. We’ve noticed that for the past several years, Newsweek has really raised the bar for intelligent conversations on design in the mainstream press, much of this due to the unique perspective of senior editor Cathleen McGuigan.

This week’s article: “The Design Dozen” is a great investigation of emerging trends in design (check out the awesome Pasadena PowerPLANTS!).

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