Elastic Perspective, NEXT Architects, mobius strip, walkway, rotterdam, netherlands, staircase, art installation

The Elastic Perspective is more art installation than useful staircase. Located on a grassy hill in Carnisselande, a Rotterdam suburb, the walkway is built from rusty steel in a lazy loop that drapes the slope. From the high point, visitors have an even better view of the nearby city. “Based on the principal of the Möbius strip, the continuous route of the stair is a delusion. We are intrigued by the Mobius strip, by its characteristic of having only one surface, no top nor bottom,” explained NEXT Architects. “When used as a path, it suggests a continuity, but crossing that path is – at least physically – an impossibility.”

To access the walkway, visitors merely step on at any low point from the grass and walk around. The only problem is they can’t complete the circle as the walkway is only an illusion of a loop. The Möbius strip-inspired walkway turns upside down, so unless you’re endowed with suction cup shoes or Spiderman-like abilities, you can’t follow it as the path loops around. This forces the visitor to walk back the way they came and attempt to go the other way. Interactive and thought provoking, the Elastic Perspective is more a mind trip than an actual journey.

+ NEXT Architects

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Images ©Sander Meisner