We have a passion for following future-forward architecture that pushes the envelope of environmental design. Imagine our excitement when we saw these recently released photos of Taiwan’s Next Gene 20! The project challenges 20 acclaimed architects to design 20 villas along the north-east coast of Taiwan. The selected architects include big international names such as MVRDV, Graft, Kengo Kuma, and Julien De Smedt as well as 10 up and coming Taiwanese architects. The designs showcase an impressive array of styles ranging from minimalist modules to elaborate biomorphisms, yet they are all united around the common goal of integrating seamlessly with their environment. These results are the fruit of an exciting cultural exchange, and they provide some cutting edge concepts for the future of architecture.

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The Next Gene 20 project was developed by Genuine Group as a way to foster an exchange of ideas between Eastern and Western architects. Each design takes great strides to integrate harmoniously with its immediate environment. The results of this year’s Next Gene20 emanate these ideas with stunning, innovative designs. Above, ‘Floating Courtyard’ by Ray Chen, cuts a modern silhouette with its sleek facade.

Kengo Kuma’s “Aimai” house takes its name from “a Japanese word that describes an ambiguous condition and matter. Since there is no definite boundary between interior and exterior, natural and artificial, the house and nature blend gradually into each other. By following the rich landform of the site and creating an edgeless roof, the existence of the house almost disappears.”

Julien De Smedt’s design takes a similar low-profile approach, seamlessly blending in with the smooth rolling hills of its site: “We have designed a house that manipulates the landscape without adding anything to it. A house in symbiosis with its environment. A house that celebrates views and protects itself from being viewed.”

The construction on all 20 projects is slated to start in July 2008, and the villas will be completed by December 2009.

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Via designboom.com and bdonline.co.uk