Metropolis is at it again, pushing forward the boundaries of sustainable design, with their latest Next Generation Design competition for 2008. The 2008 competition examines water as both source of ecological challenges and a resource for survival. How do we bring portable water to the third of the world’s population living in areas without access to clean water? Are there better ways to manage gray water and black water?

How can we conserve water efficiently, but protect our cities from one of the most dangerous natural resources? All beautiful, innovative solutions to the water crisis, large and small, will be taken into consideration.

Entries are due by January 4th – winners receive $10,000!

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$10,000 in price money will go to designers who’s entries reflect considerations of sustainability, distribution and manufacturing systems, economy, current technologies and materials, function and provocative form and can speak to an one of the 6 sub-disciplines supported by the magazine – architecture, urban planning, landscape design, interior design, product design, and graphic design.

So if you are a designer and/or architect who has been practicing for 10 years or less, or are currently a student, and have an amazingly innovative, provocative, and beautiful solution to the water crisis, submit your idea, along with a $75 entry fee to Metropolis no later than January 4, 2008 at 11:59 pm (we’re assuming eastern time). Up to three entries allowed per an individual.

Past winners of Metropolis’ Next Generation Design Competition, include many Inhabitat favorites: the Lunar Resonant Lights from Civil Twilight, the Hydro Wall, and Permeable Pavers. Here at Inhabitat, we are just as eager to see next year’s winners. Be sure to stay tuned for the follow-up.

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