Toyota has released a few early tidbits of information regarding the next-generation Toyota Prius, which is slated to arrive sometime in 2015. Satoshi Ogiso, Toyota’s Managing Officer, revealed that the next Prius will be roomier, more fuel-efficient and also feature a new wireless inductive charging system.

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This is the first time that Toyota has released official details about the fourth-generation Prius, which will be built on a new platform called “New Global Architecture.” The new platform will give the Prius a lower center of gravity and a more rigid structure. Ogiso didn’t reveal what will power the new Prius, but it he did state that its engine will be more efficient, and the electric motor and battery pack will be more powerful. It’s expected that the next Prius will have at least a 55 MPG rating with a¬†longer range than the current model.

The biggest thing to take away from this news is that Toyota is working on a new wireless inductive charging system that will give owners the ability to recharge the Prius Plug-in hybrid without having to plug it into a wall.

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Via: Green Car Reports