Metropolis Magazine has just announced the results of its Next Generation Design competition. The two winners were Joseph Hagerman, for an eco-friendly permeable paving stone, and Alisa Andrasek, for an artificial life software that converts soundwaves to three dimensional patterns.

Engineer Joseph Hagerman’s Biopaver is a precast permeable paving stone that promotes drainage and combats waterborne pollutants. Better yet, it allows you start a mini-garden in pavement.

Architect Alisa Andrasek’s Genware is a software system that can convert dynamic sound patterns into structural fields to produce complex surfaces at various scales. More information about Genware is available at her research group Biothing’s website >

Both designs will be on display at Metropolis’s booth during the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (May 14-17 in New York), as part of the magazine’s 2005 Next Generation Design Competition exhibit. Extensive details will also be presented in the June 2005 issue of Metropolis, which hits newsstands May 15.