Want to ditch your inefficient incandescent bulbs for some energy-saving compact fluorescent (CFL) ones? Be prepared to deal with toxic chemicals inside the bulbs.  Now there’s another option: nanofiber bulbs, which are safe, energy efficient, cost-effective, and emit a warmer, more pleasant light than CFLs.

The new bulbs, developed by RTI International, contain nanofibers — materials that are the same length as human hair but have a smaller diameter and tinier surface features. RTI combined nanofiber-based reflectors and photoluminescent nanofibers (PLN) to produce the nanofiber bulbs. The bulbs release 55 lumens per watt, making them 5 times more efficient than average bulbs.

RTI researchers expect the nanofiber technology to be ready in three to five years. If they end up being as cheap as CFLs, count us in.

+ RTI International

Via Popular Science