With a real-life driving range of about 80 miles, the current generation of the Nissan Leaf can’t travel very far – but the next Leaf will have a much longer range. While it still won’t be able to travel as far as a Tesla Model S, the next-generation Leaf will be able to travel 186 miles between charges.

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It is being reported that the next Leaf will feature a new battery technology that will double its driving range. There’s also the possibility that the next Leaf will offer more than one battery option at different price points, so buyers can still get a relatively cheap Leaf if they don’t need the more expensive 186-mile battery.

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The next Leaf will also ditch its quirky exterior for styling that looks more like a conventional hatchback. A few months ago it was reported that Mamoru Aoki, Nissan brand’s global design chief wants the next Leaf to look more like a regular car – like the Tesla Model S. “The current Leaf is aiming too much at an EV-like appearance,” Aoki said. “Tesla doesn’t look EV at all. The Tesla S just looks nice, very sporty, sleek, but very authentic.” The next-generation Nissan Leaf should debut sometime in 2016.

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