After nearly two centuries of bringing visitors up close and personal with the awe-inspiring waterfalls at Niagara Falls, the iconic Maid of the Mist attraction has been upgraded with two new all-electric, zero-emission boats. Launched in the first week of October, Niagara Falls’ new Maid of the Mist passenger vessels not only offer a greener experience but also a quieter and smoother ride in the nation’s oldest state park. The sustainable initiative helps advance Governor Cuomo’s Green New Deal that mandates New York’s power be 100% carbon-free by 2040.

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electric boat sailing near Niagara Falls

First launched in 1846, the Maid of the Mist is one of North America’s longest running tourist attractions. The national park’s new electrified boats are the first passenger vessels of their kind in the U.S. and include the ‘James V. Glynn’ named in honor of the longtime Maid of the Mist chairman and CEO James V. Glynn as well as ‘Nikola Tesla’ in honor of the world-famous engineer who designed and constructed the world’s first hydroelectric power plant located on the American side of the Niagara Falls. The pair of zero-emission vessels were introduced as part of a $70 million revitalization of Niagara Falls State Park. 

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white, green and blue electric boat

To highlight the environmentally friendly benefits of the Maid of the Mist boats, the vessels feature a blue-and-green color pattern on the exterior as well as graphics of waves that represent Niagara Falls, a lightning bolt symbolic of electricity and a turbine in a nod to hydroelectric power. The blue lines on the sides of the vessels represent water flowing from the upper deck of the vessel into the turbine.

electric boat sailing beneath a bridge

“Niagara Falls is a wonder of the world unique to Western New York and Maid of the Mist has given people from all walks of life an up-close look at its majesty for more than 150 years,” said Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul in a press release. “Having this natural wonder in our backyard means we have a special responsibility as its steward and protecting it for future generations. This new fleet of all-electric vessels will protect the health of our waterways and environment, and is another example of New York State building back better, smarter and greener.”

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Images via New York Power Authority