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A recent Master in Art Science graduate from the Interfaculty of the Royal Conservatoire & the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, the Dutch artist takes a philosophical view of her work. She describes Solace, which refers to a moment of peace, as a “a cinematic installation that explores the mental process and physical activity of seeing.” The mechanical device that spreads the soapy film is a “spatial intervention” with which the viewer interacts.

Here’s what appeals to me most about this unusual project: it is so fleeting. There’s no holding on to the moment of dazzling iridescence before the fragile bubbles burst. Nor are two moments the same. Nicky has done a fabulous job of looking more deeply at a natural phenomenon and scaling it so that viewers can enjoy a blissful moment of peace. And for her efforts, she was added the StartPoint Prize 2011 and the Artificial Light Award on Reflection (2010).

+ Nicky Assmann

Via Fastco Design

images via Christiaan van Doesburg