‘Simple and Smart’ is the mantra behind Nicola Stäubli‘s brilliant Reversible Chair, which we spotted at Dwell on Design 2012. This modular chair can be transformed from a regular seat to a comfy lounge chair simply by pulling apart the reversible fabric cover and flipping around the rear legs, which are bent at different angles. This innovative piece of furniture was nominated for the prestigious Design Preis Schweiz 2011 (Design Prize Switzerland 2011).

Stäubli’s Reversible Chair is made of ½” stainless steel tubing and reversible fabric, and it incorporates simple manufacturing techniques that mainly involve bending and cutting the tubes. Another advantage of this design is the ease with which it can be transformed, unlike many other furniture pieces which claim to be modular.  The reversible cover, tensed and wrapped around the steel frame, offers two color variations that fit both positions.

+ Nicola Stäubli