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Philip Ob Rey’s V project was designed in collaboration with Louie Otesanek and photographer Mailie Viney. The black-and-white photographs show the mysterious Lovecraftian figures in a desolate post-apocalyptic terrain. Some of the god-like creatures appear to be in mid-motion in the wind, while others are crouched in place or hidden away in caves. The sculptures are crafted from VHS tapes and other locally sourced found objects like feathers, stones, shells, and dry seaweed.

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The film-wrapped figures are more than just an eerie silhouette; they also serve as stoic warnings against environmental destruction. “They are covered with a black toxic skin, [a] chaotic flesh of magnetic encoded images,” Ob Rey said to Beautiful Decay. “I built in 5 essential elements, creatures made of VHS, dreamlike and disfigured in reaction against the growing dictatorship of the mass media and the unstoppable plastic pollution due to the overconsumption of the new technologies.”

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Images via Philip Ob Rey