If you’re an 80’s baby, we’ve got huge news for you! Nike announced yesterday that in partnership with Michael J. Fox, they are releasing 1,500 pairs of the LED enhanced 2011 NIKE MAG, an exact replica of the shoe worn by Marty McFly in the epic film, Back to the Future II. The auction will last for 10 days, and each day 150 pairs of shoes will be auctioned off and all proceeds will go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. In addition to the auction cash, all proceeds will be matched up to $50 million by an anonymous donor. The question now is, how much is too much to pay for the shoe of your childhood dreams?

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The only disappointing thing about this news — other than the fact that the price tag will no doubt be quite high — is that the shoes won’t autolace onto your feet like they did on Marty’s. In the film the NIKE MAG came to life, flashed some lights and fit itself to Marty’s feet. In real life, you’ll have to do the fitting by hand but the shoes will do the light dance for you, for five hours every time you charge them.

Now get a hold of this, the NIKE MAG that we first fell in love with in Back to the Future II was the NIKE MAG 2015. That’s right, we’re just four years off from Marty McFly’s high-tech future where hoverboards are the automobile of choice. Though we expect we’ll not be flying around on our very own wheel-less skateboards any time soon, at least we can walk in the shoes of a man who did. So get on over to eBay and grab a pair of these LED enhanced, rechargeable, limited edition sneakers and help the Michael J. Fox Foundation create a future without Parkinson’s disease.