Shopping for eco-friendly clothes can be confusing if you’re not a fabric connoisseur – which is why Nike just launched a new app that catalogs the sustainability of every clothing material you can think of. A material’s environmental impact is explained and evaluated through four categories – waste, water use, energy and chemistry – and the app also includes considerations such as performance and aesthetics.

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Nike’s database of sustainable materials launched online last year, and it’s now incorporated into the Making app, which can be downloaded through iTunes. Many materials are not as straightforward as they may seem at first – one type of cotton may have a high waste impact and low impact in every other category, while an organic version of the same product may have a higher energy consumption and chemical impact. Hemp ranks third for chemistry but 18th for energy and 16th for water use, which makes quantifying its sustainability difficult.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t factor in suppliers and quality differences between materials – for example, organic vs non-organic cotton.

+ NIKE Making App on iTunes

Via Fast Co.Exist