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Nine Dragon Housing Complex, YKH_Lab, green roof, housing complex, daylighting, china, mixed use complex

To design the mixed-use complex, YKH_lab began with a ‘mat-hybrid’ layout to differentiate between public courtyards and private spaces, and to infuse daylighting into all the buildings. The project is a mix of three different housing typologies – the courtyard apartment; the linear row housing; and the high rise tower. The final form evolved over time as a way to maximize views from every apartment as well as to infiltrate natural daylighting into as many rooms as possible. Tower heights and angles were adjusted in order to bring natural day-lighting into both high and low set residential apartments.

In total, the housing complex features 362 apartments as well as parking, community centers, residential areas, gardens, courtyards, and retail zones. A series of green-roofed ramps and pedestrian pathways provide a variety of ways to move around the complex for both residents and visitors to the complex. Community space is also interwoven into the complex and provides eight courtyards, four connecting roof gardens, and four flexible indoor community spaces that could be used for cafes, a library, health clubs, or event halls. These public spaces and gardens promote community interaction, physical activity and walkability as a way to provide everything that one needs within the complex.

Via ArchDaily