Nine Stories Furniture Company’s new upcycled Elsie cabinets made their debut at the Architectural Digest’s MADE show this month. The series of casegoods transforms sheet metal from old cars found in junkyards into unique cabinets for any room in your home. Each custom Elsie cabinet pays tribute to its material’s past, with the metal’s textures and colors retained in order to reflect its past life on the open road.

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Each of the new casegoods from the Elsie line are made to order in linkable square units. Varying colors of recycled metal pieces are cut into right angle triangles, allowing for custom color schemes and combinations in a geometric pattern for a minimalist design effect. Across the surface of each metal triangle is written a visual history of the vehicle that it came from. Scratches, textures and dents tell the tales of life inside and outside of the automobile, giving a faint hint of its history of life on the road and in the junkyard.

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The cases, which come in either contrasting colors or with a single color accented against a stark white, are held together in sturdy wooden frames made from locally sourced, sustainable hardwoods that can be custom stained to match any interior. Single square cabinets can be used to hold first aid supplies, a wall mounted bar, or a collection of baubles. Larger units can be customized as an open-faced book shelf for showing off your collection, or covered in upcycled-doors to hide private items.

The sleek new additions to the Elsie line continue Nine Stories’ penchant for using upcycled materials to create gorgeous furniture with a history.

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