One of our favorite finds at this year’s ICFF were these beautiful geometric tables wrought from scraps of reclaimed sheet metal by Brooklyn based Nine Stories Furniture. Each table is painstakingly crafted of material harvested from old automobiles found in salvage yards. The metal is cut, formed, and pieced together into a durable patchwork that proudly displays the patina and history of its disparate parts.

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Nine Stories Furniture creates incredible pieces from an eclectic mix of materials ranging from reclaimed steel and aluminum signage to floor joists saved from an old factory in Hoboken. Their website states “We believe that the way a thing is made should inform the final outcome, as well as ‘teach’ us about making. In order to create better products we must learn from the process of making”

We had a chance to chat with Andrew at the Nine Stories booth, and he had a wonderfully down to earth demeanor. In the world of hyper-marketed green design, Nine Stories prefers to let their work speak for itself, encouraging people to take a closer look to fully appreciate the craft, quality, and sustainability of their pieces.

Andrew explained that the tables are constructed from 70% reclaimed automotive sheet metal, and that the best sheets are taken from car tops, which require the least amount of effort and energy to process. The tables tend to be quite labor intensive, but the hard work pays off with beautifully constructed tables that are sure to weather the test of time.

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