When Nissan first launched the Leaf electric car, buyers had to make a reservation on Nissan’s website and pay a $99 reservation fee. Now Nissan is making the buying process easier by allowing customers the ability to buy a Leaf at their local dealer. Buyers that still prefer to order their Leaf online can continue to use Nissan’s online reservation system, but now they will no longer have to pay the $99 reservation fee. The simplified buying process will make it easier for those buyers that were turned off by original buying process.

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Nissan also recently announced that the Leaf is the first electric car available for order in all U.S. markets. “Nationwide availability of the Nissan LEAF means that now, anyone in the country can opt for a transportation solution that does not harm the environment, provides a pathway to energy independence, and doesn’t use a single drop of gas,” stated Brian Carolin, senior vice president, Sales & Marketing, NNA.

This fall Nissan is upgrading the Leaf for the 2013 model year with available leather seats, a more efficient heating system and a darker interior. The more efficient heating system will extend the Leaf’s driving range in the winter.

Via Green Car Reports

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