Most automakers boast about the range capabilities of their upcoming electric vehicles, but not Renault-Nissan. As confirmed in the recent Revenge of the Electric Car film, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn prefers to keep his company’s EV activities on the DL until he’s ready to spring them on the world. Case in point: the Renault-Nissan Zoe EV will not reveal its range capability until it is released in Europe next year.

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The prototype Zoe was already capable of an impressive 124-mile range (100 miles is currently the goal of many automakers), so expect the production model to top that by at least another 25 to 50 miles. After all, Nissan’s Ghosn is all about maintaining a competitive advantage through secrecy, so the gains the Zoe has achieved through its development must be significant to warrant banning even members of the board from revealing the capabilities of this little car.

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