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The exciting exhibit commemorates the release of the Nissan Leaf, which runs on 100% electricity, can be made locally, and utilizes recycled materials. In this spirit of a greener future, the designer set to work transforming old gas pumps into nearly unrecognizable new pieces, which visitors could play with at the Zero Petrol exhibition in Melbourne.

The amazing pieces still bear their iconic pumps, but their purpose has been completely reinvented. A future dog named Rex can rest in the upcycled doghouse pump. Many pumps were upcycled into usable machines, like a balloon dispenser, a popcorn popper, a gumball machine, a pie and hot dog warmer, a Pacman game, and a slurpy machine. Others were geared toward the world of music – like an amazing guitar amp, a working harp, and an incredible keyboard!

But Inhabitat’s favorites were a gorgeous, multi-level glass greenhouse that can grow a dozen plants, a pump covered with bird seed to create an oversized bird feeder (which the pigeons at the exhibition thoroughly enjoyed), and an edible garden pump complete with climbing bean plants, blooming flowers, and a lawn gnome.

“A World Without Petrol” enlivens the creative spirit and shows a promising glimpse of a greener future. Vote for your favorite recycled gas pump here!

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